A Statement from Rabbi Jonathan Bernis on the Jerusalem Decision

Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, CEO of Jewish Voice Ministries International based in Phoenix, has commended Donald Trump for doing what past Presidents promised but never delivered: Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

“Many people are reacting to this breaking news story with confusion. They had assumed Jerusalem was the capital of Israel,” Bernis said.

Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis Announces New Airing Schedule

In the ever-evolving world of broadcast television, the only constant seems to be—CHANGE! We at Jewish Voice Ministries International, producers of “Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis,” have restructured our broadcast to bring you a world-class show that is both meaningful and insightful to your spiritual journey.

To produce and deliver the best quality show with relevant guests, a brand new studio, and new, fresh formatting, our team has searched, researched, and landed on the best combination available to make sure you are engaged, educated, and yes, even entertained!

Jewish Voice TV Show Reveals Fresh Format, Re-Designed Set

Phoenix, AZ: “Jewish Voice with Jonathan Bernis,” a faith-based, television program broadcasting to over 715+ million homes worldwide, unveils a new look on April 25th, 2016. Updated formatting will provide more guest content in each show along with a fresh, clean visual presentation. A brand new set includes contemporary furnishings and background views of on-the-street activity in Israel.

Jonathan Bernis Provides Insights and Encouragement to Overcome Life’s Difficult Seasons in New Book

Lake Mary, FL— The Christian walk is more than salvation and the promise of eternal life. It is about abundant life as well. But many people live in a state of condemnation, disappointment, and rejection. They feel that because they have fallen back into old habits and sin God can no longer forgive them. A Hope and a Future by Jonathan Bernis, television host of Jewish Voice With Jonathan Bernis, offers encouragement that God has a plan for everyone despite their current situations.

Jewish Voice Ministries International Announces Certification as a “Best Workplace”

The mission at Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI) is To Proclaim the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) to the Jew first and also to the Nations throughout the world, according to Romans 1:16. In order to be equipped and enabled to do this an employer, JVMI works to create a healthy and flourishing work environment for their employees – those who are called to this ministry.