Israel faces Hamas threat while government still remains in question

Last weekend, Hamas operatives unleashed a barrage of missile fire along Israel’s southern border.

A total of 10 rockets were fired overnight on Friday, setting off the alarms along Israel’s border towns. Eight of the 10 rockets were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

Some property damage and minor injuries were reported. But the mental and emotional devastation simply can’t be calculated. The ongoing threat of terror the people of Israel face along the Gaza Strip must be stopped.

And while the Israeli army launched an assault response – directing attacks toward military targets – all of these attacks in Gaza are undoubtedly linked to what’s happening on the Iranian front.

Hamas attack is part of the bigger threat from Iran

Even as I write, there have been warnings about possible plans for Iranian attacks, either from Syria and Iraq or from Yemen and the Red Sea region, against Israeli targets.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the Hamas-backed attacks over the weekend, saying: “I don't intend to detail our plans here. We will continue to operate in all the arenas for the safety of the State of Israel, in overt and covert measures – through the sea, in the air and on the ground.”

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Groups like Hamas and Islamic Jihad who are wreaking havoc along Israel’s southern border are taking their orders from the Iranians. And I’ve shared recently that Iran continues to use the situation in Syria to consolidate its forces within the region.

But Israel must have a functioning government to combat such a threat decisively – whether through military action or diplomacy.

Without a unified government, Israel is at greater risk than ever

For the last 6 months, Israel has been navigating the devastating wakes of 2 inconclusive elections. And standing divided without a stable government.

Having recently failed to entice his political rival, Benny Gantz, to join a unity government, Prime Minister Netanyahu passed the mandate to Gantz court to make his attempt for securing a majority.

Gantz has until November 20.

And while he’s been clear that his objective is to form “a liberal unity government,” most believe Gantz’s chances of success are not high. And the likely outcome will be a third election.

Some have alluded to the chance that Gantz could join forces and gain the support of the Arab Joint List – an anti-Zionist committee.

But such a move would create an incalculable security risk for Israel and her people. Potentially opening floodgates to carving up and weakening the State of Israel.

Such an outcome is unthinkable to even consider.

But one thing is clear, amidst the threats surrounding Israel now, the next few weeks are critical to Israel’s future.  That’s why we must stand and support Israel and the Jewish people through prayer in the days ahead.

Will you join us?

Please join us in prayer

Please agree with us in prayer, asking God to:

  • Protect Israel and her people in this time of political upheaval and security risk
  • Give wisdom and discernment to Israeli leaders as they work together to establish a government in this critical season
  • Instill peace in the hearts of the Jewish people in Israel during this time of uncertainty
  • Move in the hearts and minds of the Jewish people, to help them see to the truthfulness of Jesus’ Messiahship – the Prince of Peace

As a Believer in Jesus, I hope you’ll go beyond prayer and put your support into action by giving a generous gift to stand with the Jewish people – in Israel and around the world.

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