Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures: God Sees You!

December 27–January 2

Do you ever feel unseen, unknown? Take heart; your God sees you. Join Jonathan and Ezra as they talk about one of the most encouraging names for God found in the Bible: El Roee – The God Who Sees Me. ...The Scripture tells us that faith comes by hearing. Discover how much impact the Word of God can have on your life when you confess the Scriptures out loud.

By Design: The Biblical Calendar

January 3–9

Calendars keep our lives on track and in sync with each other. Did you know that God created a calendar of His own? But He didn’t introduce it to Adam and Eve. Discover when the biblical calendar ...began and how it isn’t just a system of organizing days but reveals a prophetic cycle with greater meaning for the redemption of mankind. Explore the special events God has designed into the biblical calendar to help us live in alignment with Him.

The Good News of the End Times

January 10–16

What if much of what you’ve been told about the End Times is off-target? What if you’ve looked for signs of the Messiah’s return in all the wrong places? The Last Days is a complex Bible subject worth ...studying, but it’s easy to focus too heavily on things yet to come and miss the exciting things God is doing right now to prepare the world for Jesus’ return. Join Jonathan and Ezra for some eye-opening information about the End Times. Discover specific ways you can know we are in the Last Days and how you can join Him in preparing for Messiah’s return.

Jerusalem Rising

Doug Hershey joins Jonathan Bernis
January 17-23

Thousands of years ago, the prophet Zechariah foretold that the city of Jerusalem would be revived and flourish once again. Doug Hershey joins Jonathan and Ezra for a fascinating conversation about we can actually see this prophecy being fulfilled before our very eyes. Doug has created a spectacular photo-comparison book, Jerusalem Rising, that reveals the City of Peace through scenes photographed decades apart. You’ll see “then” and “now” photos that tell the tale of Jerusalem’s history and learn the reason why, for so many Believers in Jesus, visiting Jerusalem feels like coming home. Doug Hershey is an author, educator and history explorer. He is also the founder of Ezra Adventures, an Israel-focused travel and education company that combines service projects with custom Israel expeditions.

Why Standing with Israel Matters

January 24–30

Does God care about what you think about Israel and the Jewish people? Jonathan Bernis and Ezra Benjamin discuss biblical reasons why the answer to that question is “Yes!” They reveal scriptural ...evidence that Israel and the Jewish people still matter to God and remain a part of His prophetic plans. Discover how what’s important to God can become important to you.