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S3 EP9 | Differences between Jewish and Christian Perspectives on Israel

In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, Ezra and Carly break down the various perspectives on Israel – from both the Jewish and Gentile perspective – uncovering differences and finding similarities about this important nation. The conversation includes:

  • What is the Christian perspective on Israel?
  • How do secular Jewish people view Israel?
  • Why is Israel called the Holy Land and why is this (not so) convenient?
  • What is the promise referred to in “Promised Land”?
  • What are the Christian and Jewish perspectives of “Israel in the future”?
  • What does Israel have to do with Jesus’ return?

Along the Way

You’ll also hear about…

  • Problems in Israel
  • What Israel and Hawaii have in common
  • The amazing smells of Israel
  • What’s on Carly’s bucket list
  • How God is still faithful

Previous Episodes Mentioned

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S1 E15 – Israel: Promised Land and Political State

S1 E16 – Israel: It’s the People Too         


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