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The End Times – A Jewish or Christian Idea?

Hamas’ October 7 massacre in Israel and the war since sparked questions about the End Times. Many people have written in, asking, “Is this the End?” or “Is this the Tribulation?” Before getting into that in our next episode, today, Carly and Ezra lay the groundwork by discussing where the concept of the End Times comes from. Did Jesus introduce it, or is it actually a Jewish thing?

In this episode of A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, the conversation includes:

  • What it was about October 7th that pushed the End Times button for us
  • Wait, the End Times is mentioned in Genesis?
  • The Song of Moses and if it has a place in Jewish tradition
  • Why Christians don’t talk much about the Song of Moses

Along the Way

You’ll also hear about:

  • Jewish thought about the Tribulation
  • Where Christians can misstep regarding the End Times
  • The Hebrew phrase vital to understanding certain Old Testament Scriptures
  • A part of the Torah that’s completely overlooked in the Jewish community
  • Two things we need to do if we want to be students of the Word on this subject
  • If Gentile Believers are grafted into the promises of God for Israel, are they also grafted into Israel’s difficulties?
  • The importance of Christians being prepared to engage with Jewish people who are confused about the difficulties they, as a people, will face and the hopeful message of the Bible

Words You Might Learn in This Episode

Am Israel, Yeshua, acharit hayamim, yom, yamim, the Song of Moses, Torah, Sukkot, Yom Kippur

Scriptures Referenced in This Episode

Zechariah 12:3 and 14:2–4

Matthew chapter 24, specifically verses 40–41, 20, 32–33 and 6–8

Jeremiah 29:11

Genesis chapter 49

Deuteronomy 4:27–30 and 31:29

Romans chapter 11, highlighting 11:17–24

Psalm 30:5 and Deuteronomy 7:9

Deuteronomy chapter 32

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