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Beyond sharing the Good News— thanks to YOU!

July 12, 2017
Woman and child  in Woliso, Ethiopia

The mission of Jewish Voice Ministries—first and foremost—is to introduce Jewish people to a saving knowledge of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. Along the way, we do all we can to meet physical needs by providing clean water, medical, dental and eye care, and other needed services. We do this because Yeshua told us to be compassionate, AND because humanitarian ministries lead people to salvation.

This is possible only through your partnership!

Your generosity makes it possible to demonstrate the love of Yeshua in concrete, practical ways.

Many of the Jewish people you reach with the Gospel, especially in Africa, are outcasts within their own communities because of their distinctly Jewish identity, belief, and worship. And when they accept Yeshua as Messiah, these people may even be rejected by their own family and community members!

That’s why your support does more than just introduce Jewish people to Yeshua. You also encourage and disciple these new believers.

Whenever possible, we connect Jewish Believers with existing Messianic congregations, where they can experience the worship, teaching, and discipleship they need. These congregations follow up with the hundreds or even thousands of people who confess faith in Yeshua through Jewish Voice medical clinics and other outreach efforts.

Thank you for giving children hope and a future.

Where no congregation exists, your gifts enable one to be planted. You even build worship centers when needed. Thanks to you and other friends, 70 Messianic congregations have been planted in Zimbabwe alone, and 15 in Ethiopia — and more are on the way!

Your financial support also equips indigenous Messianic Jewish leaders to provide direction for these congregations—through partnerships with other organizations, annual leadership conferences, on-site visits, translation of materials, and ongoing training and guidance. These leaders are then key to developing community and spiritual maturity among Jewish Believers.

Together, through your generous partnership, Messianic congregations—and new Messianic Believers—are getting the help they need to grow and flourish in Yeshua.

People from Zimbabwe and Ethiopia

Did you know?

When your support of Jewish Voice plants a new Messianic congregation, you also often help provide an additional blessing you may not know about: Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centers.

Similar to a preschool, ECD Centers provide basic education as a critical first step, preparing children for future years of formal education and giving them greater opportunities for their future. And because the centers are open to all children in a village (not just Messianic congregation members), they become beacons of Yeshua’s love and compassion to entire communities.

In addition to educating children in ECD Centers, the congregations serve as community centers and as focal points for village economic development. Whether the need is for clean water from a new well, looms for a local weaving industry, or chickens for eggs and meat, your support of Messianic Jewish congregations helps communities identify and address their most critical needs in a variety of ways.

When you support Messianic congregations and Early Childhood Development Centers, you also provide community development opportunities, education for children, AND a clear witness to the love of Yeshua.

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