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April 26, 2021

Upcoming Jewish Voice Television and Podcast Programs


See what we have lined up for you on the Jewish Voice television show for April through June 2021.

Troy Anderson and Colonel David Giammona join Jonathan to help you become the warrior God meant you to be. They discuss battle-tested strategies to prepare for the End Times from their new collaborative book, A Military Guide to the Apocalypse. Later, Jonathan’s long-time friend, Rick Renner, talks about their time ministering together in the former Soviet Union and shares enlightening insights about Israel, the Jewish people and a Last Days survival guide.

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer joins Jonathan for a powerful discussion about racism and anti-Semitism, encouraging us that walls really can fall. In another program, Pastor Tim Ross challenges us to “Upset the World” with the love and hope of Jesus. 

Dr. Michael Maiden visits with Jonathan about operating in the gift of prophecy, releasing life and hope into the gathering darkness of these Last Days, and Lance Wallnau discusses the prophetic importance of Israel. Rabbi Matt Rosenberg presents the intriguing idea that “Jesus Never Said Anything New.”

Jonathan and Ezra bring you rich teachings to strengthen your hope and faith. You’ll get an insightful view of Easter through a Jewish lens. You’ll see God’s love and provision reflected in the biblical Feast called the Festival of Weeks (Shavuot). 


Coming up on A Jew and A Gentile Discuss, Carly and Ezra dig deeper into the topic of aliyah – Jewish immigration to Israel – and uncover the dangers of the false doctrine of Replacement Theology. They also present an insightful discussion about how to share the Gospel with Jewish people, offering you some helpful “dos and don’ts” so that the Good News doesn’t get sidelined by misperceptions and misunderstandings. In other episodes, they’ll address Jewish objections to Jesus and the Trinity. 

If you’ve ever had a question about Judaism but were afraid to ask it, you just might learn the answer soon as Carly and Ezra tackle some of those curiosities.

Along with these great conversations, they’ll discuss worship, the Jewish concept of water baptism, mixed marriages between Jews and Gentiles, what it really means to bless Israel, and more.

Look for A Jew and A Gentile Discuss wherever you get your podcasts or listen at where you can also submit questions, make a donation and enter to win free Lost Tribes Coffee Co. coffee.

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