Good News - Quarter 1, 2022

January 18, 2022

God has done an extraordinary work. And you’re a part of it. Thank you for blessing the Jewish people — in Israel and across the globe. Your generosity as a faithful partner in this Kingdom work we share brings true hope to so many people in desperate need. And God has used you — to be a key part of extraordinary ministry around the world! But our work is not complete. Until every Jewish person and their neighbor has a chance to hear the Good News of Yeshua, to experience the power of t...

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Israeli Prime Minister makes bold statements against Iran

January 14, 2022

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem— “May those who love you be at peace!’” Psalm 122:6 (TLV) Shalom, my friend. Peace can seem so far away. Our world is rife with animosity and anger, confusion and uncertainty and even fear of the unknown. That’s why God commands us in the Scriptures to pray. It’s to His glory – and our greatest good – that we lay our burdens at His feet. This week, I encourage you to continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. But I also encourage you to pray...

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Prayer Points: You can make a difference by praying for our 2022 Outreaches

January 12, 2022

At the start of each year, we go on “scouting trips” to locations we are planning or prayerfully hoping to hold Outreaches. This year, however, will be different than previous years. For the first time, rather than by staff members from our Jewish Voice U.S. headquarters, scouting will be done exclusively by our Africa staff in partnership with local Messianic congregation leaders. We are excited about these indigenous leaders making local connections and doing the “on the ground” investigati...

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Outreach Recap - December 2021

January 10, 2022

Buried paperwork, delayed permits and COVID regulations threatened this Medical Outreach to Garamwera, Zimbabwe. But when the Lord opens a door, who can shut it? God paved the way, and because of your gifts to Jewish Voice, we were ready to respond quickly when everything came together at the last minute for this final Outreach of this year. It was our first full-scale Medical Outreach in Zimbabwe since before the pandemic, and it was also an important follow-up to our food distribution visit...

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Anti-Semitism is Too Alive

January 07, 2022

The swastika – it’s the most recognizable symbol of the Holocaust and present-day hatred of Jewish people. Those who use it today send the message that they agree with Adolf Hitler’s abominable hatred and beliefs. It’s a symbol that gives hearty approval to Nazi Germany’s treatment of the Jewish people as less than human, stripping them of their property, dignity, fundamental human rights and life itself. The United Nations designated January 27 as International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It ...

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Manhunt in Israel continues for West Bank terrorists

December 22, 2021

“For it is You who light my lamp; the LORD my God lightens my darkness.” Psalm 18:28 (NIV) Shalom, my friend. As those who celebrate the Christmas holidays prepare to remember and reflect on the birth of Yeshua (Jesus), I’m reminded of God’s light . . . Jesus Himself said He was the “Light of the world” (John 8:12) who would draw all people to Himself. Writing this to you, I feel like His Light – the very Light from Heaven – is needed now more than ever. A Light to expose the dark...

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We are grateful for you! Thank you for praying

December 22, 2021

As we come to the end of 2021, we look back with such gratitude at all the Lord empowered us to do, all the places He enabled us to go, and the favor and fruit that He gave every step of the way — even during postponements, cancellations and crises in the nations. He has been so faithful! As we look toward 2022, we are prayerfully seeking the Lord’s specific guidance for Outreach dates and locations. Please join us in praying for: The Lord of the harvest to grow our team of workers ...

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Israel prepares for war with Iran

December 17, 2021

“ADONAI is my Shepherd, I shall not want..” Psalm 23:1 TLV Shalom, my friend. As tensions continue to increase, as the rumors of war move ever closer to reality . . . we may feel the tension of uncertainty and the fear of the unknown. But we have hope. We have hope that we’ll never be alone, that we’ll never lack, that we’ll never be left to the mercy of our struggles and difficulties, that we’ll never be without a shepherd – The Shepherd. The Shepherd who is watching, waiting, ...

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Bringing Clean Water to the Lost Tribes of Israel

December 15, 2021

Why We Choose Filters Over Wells Clean water is critical to life and good health. According to the World Health Organization, the third leading cause of death among children under 5 years old is directly related to contaminated drinking water. Worldwide, 144 million people rely on collecting untreated water from lakes, ponds, rivers and streams for drinking and cooking. Among them are many Jewish people from the Lost Tribes of Israel that we serve in Africa. Thus far, Jewish Voice has worked ...

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Two Israelis attacked in the West Bank

December 10, 2021

“Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love Adonai your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” Deuteronomy 6:4-5 (TLV) Shalom, my friend. The words from the Shema (Deuteronomy 6:4-5), the central command of the Jewish faith, are a tremendous reminder for all of us during this holiday season. There are so many uncertainties that we’re facing in our own experiences and as a global community. It can all feel heavy and burdensome in ...

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