Your support of Jewish Voice helped save Hermela’s life. Let me share her story so you can see how you’re making a difference for Jewish people in need.

Hermela is from Ethiopia. Unable to find work in her home country that would enable her to support her family, Hermela waited at the border hoping to find a job in another country.

Unfortunately, this was a dangerous area. Members of local tribes often prey upon people here — a sort of “no man’s land.” Kidnappers captured Hermela and brought her to a camp where she faced danger and even threats of torture.

In cases like Hermela’s, kidnappers often demand exorbitant ransoms from their victims’ families. Many who are captured die before they can escape, or before their loved ones can afford the ransom. Miraculously, Hermela’s family was able to pay for her freedom, and she was released.
Though Hermela does not come from an Ethiopian Jewish background, the State of Israel welcomed her with open arms. As a recognized victim of human trafficking, she was able to spend several months recovering in a government shelter.

After leaving the shelter, Hermela was feeling desperate and alone. She didn’t know who to trust. She had been through so much. She was suffering both physically and emotionally.

That’s when social workers, who often help victims of human trafficking, brought
Hermela to a special shelter. This new home for Hermela is operated by one of the many Messianic congregations our ministry supports in Israel. Your support of Jewish Voice makes shelters like this possible!

Hermela is so thankful to be at this shelter where she and her children are in a
safe, stable and compassionate environment for the first time. The shelter provides for her family’s daily needs as well as their medical expenses. Hermela’s toddler has special needs, and the congregation helped to find a good school for her. The congregation was also able to connect Hermela with legal assistance at no cost so she could stay in Israel to raise her children.

Now Hermela is working outside the shelter and taking steps to obtain her visa so she can find a permanent home to raise her children.

As you can see, Hermela has walked a difficult road. But she knows God is her
Provider and Redeemer. She sees how He brought her to a place of healing and deliverance — and your giving to Jewish Voice helped make this possible! The staff who work with Hermela at the shelter say:

“We pray that her life, which God ‘redeemed from destruction,’ will bless many others!”

The Scripture that comes to mind is Psalm 103:4: “He redeems your life from the pit. He crowns you with lovingkindness and compassions.”

Hermela is just one of many people you help by partnering with Jewish Voice. Thank you for being a vessel. Thank you for allowing God to use you to bless so many other men, women and children who are facing great need — both Jewish people in need as well as the most vulnerable in Israeli society.

We are all in need of God’s great redemption — and His chosen way to redeem each of us is through His Son, Jesus the Messiah! That’s why we support Messianic congregations in Israel like the one that helped Hermela. These are groups of Believers in Jesus who want to see all Israel saved!

P.S. Please give today to support our ministry to Jewish people in need in Israel.
Whatever amount you are led to give will help change lives — and share the Good News of Jesus the Messiah!

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