Prayer Points

As you receive this, our Medical Outreach to Gambela, Ethiopia, is winding down. We want to cover it in prayer as it ends and realize that, in some ways, things are only beginning. Please join us in praying for the important process of follow-up and discipleship. It is exciting to think about these newly planted “Gospel seeds” now having a chance to grow and multiply. Please pray for:

  • The ability to see as many patients as possible on the last day and that the Lord will continue to touch and heal even after we are gone
  • Safe travels home for all who participated and served in this Outreach
  • The local leader and congregation who are following up with interested people and new Believers – this is their first time participating in a Jewish Voice Outreach and follow-up work
  • Divine appointments with every individual, family and group that they contact resulting in more salvations
  • Area congregations to be ready, willing, and able to receive new Believers into their faith communities with hearty welcomes and brotherly love
  • Those who are still searching or wondering about the salvation message they heard and saw demonstrated at the Outreach – that they will come to faith in Yeshua (Jesus)
  • Protection from the enemy for each new Believer and that they would engage in community and discipleship with other Believers and share the Good News with others

Let’s Pray

Lord, Thank You for the many people in Gambela who have had an opportunity to receive medical care and prayer and hear the Good News of Yeshua! May the numbers of those who gladly receive Him continue to grow, as happened in the book of Acts. Thank You for all You have done there and will continue to do to draw men, women, and children to Yourself. In Jesus’ name, AMEN. 

Join us this summer for Moving Forward – 55 Days of Prayer 

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