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Murder in France motivated by anti-Semitism

September 09, 2022


A Note from Jonathan Bernis

Shalom, my friend!

Much like the Psalmist, I find myself being moved by gratitude right now, even in the midst of terrible anti-Semitism I see on the news – because I know “the LORD is good and His love endures forever.” (Psalm 118:1)

And I pray that you, too, will experience the goodness of God and His love in your own walk of faith.

Don’t ever forget that YOU can be His expression of goodness and love wherever you are today. In fact, all of us at Jewish Voice, and the Jewish people we serve worldwide, experience God’s goodness and love through your prayers and generosity.

That’s simply the power of God in our lives – using all of us to build His Kingdom and bring His presence to others. It’s amazing. And I’m grateful for your obedience.

Please continue to pray for the Jewish people – for their ongoing safety, for God to open their hearts to receive the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) and for our ministry in Israel and around the world.

Thank you again for standing with us through your partnership.

To the Jew first and also to the Nations,

Jonathan Bernis

President & CEO

Jewish Voice Ministries International

Headline News

Jewish Man Murdered by Muslim Neighbor in France

Ynet News reported late last week that a Jewish man was murdered by a Muslim neighbor in northeast Paris.

Initial reports indicated that the suspect, Mohamed Dridi, turned himself in to the French police – claiming that the victim, Eyal Haddad, allegedly owed him $100 and didn’t return the debt.

Later, Dridi confessed to murdering Haddad because he was Jewish.

The National Bureau of Vigilance against Antisemitism (BNVCA) released a statement to the press, stating: “The murder took place on August 20 in Longperrier, a commune in the Seine-et-Marne department. According to our information, the assassin smashed his victim's skull with an ax and then burned his face (so the victim wouldn’t be identified) and even began to bury the body.”

While the investigation is still ongoing, the BNVCA asked for these facts to be examined, considering the anti-Semitic character of the crime.

Updates from the Middle East

Israel Buys Refueling Tankers That Will Help It Attack Iran's Nuclear Sites

As a nuclear deal between Iran and the United States continues to be negotiated against Israel’s recommendation, the Israel Air Force has signed a contract with Boeing to purchase four multi-mission KC-46 refueling tankers in a deal valued at $927.5 million. According to Israel’s Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, “The refueling aircraft that are being purchased, along with the procurement of an F-35 squadron, helicopters, submarines and advanced munitions will enable the IDF to meet its security challenges both near and far.”

Deadly Danger: Israel Warns Against Travel to Ukraine’s Uman as Pilgrimage Nears

Israel’s Foreign Ministry has intensified its calls for Israelis to avoid traveling to the Ukrainian city of Uman this Rosh Hashanah, warning worshipers that visiting would pose a “real and immediate risk to lives” in light of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The city of Uman, which is the burial site of the 18th-century founder of the Breslov Hasidic movement, Rabbi Nachman, normally attracts some 30,000 visitors, most of them from Israel, over the Rosh Hashanah holiday.

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