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Outreach Recap: See what God did in Konso, Ethiopia

May 25, 2023

Konso, Ethiopia, Medical Outreach

  • 10,426 Patients Received Care
  • 878 People Received Dental Care
  • 1,943 Eyeglasses Distributed
  • 200 Families Received LifeStraw® Water Filters
  • 1,023 Children Attended the Zehra Kids Program
  • 2,379 People Heard the Gospel

You wouldn’t know it by the lush-looking terrain, but Konso, Ethiopia, has been in a severe drought for several years. People there were getting their drinking and cooking water from hand-dug wells, reaching 15–20 feet into the earth to scoop from a mere 5 inches of muddy water at the bottom. Bugs, visible to the naked eye, swam through the brown water collected in various containers.

But then, after our Outreach started, God's never ending love for the people of Konso became visible too.

It rained! Just like it did the last time we were there. God opened up the skies and let it rain long and hard. The people broke into dance, singing and praising the Lord for bringing both the rain and Jewish Voice to them to help meet their needs.

As you know, while we go to an area to reach a Jewish community with the Gospel, we eagerly serve thousands of their non-Jewish neighbors too. During this Outreach, team members had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with a Muslim family of eight. Each of them prayed, accepting Jesus as their Messiah, the only way to be reconciled to the one true God.

Truly, this is a marvelous thing. An Ethiopian pastor, who works with Muslims in a different region, joined us for the outreach. He was astounded that in one encounter, an entire family of eight people devoted to Islam turned away from it and came to faith in Jesus.

God is doing wonders in Ethiopia through the work you make possible with your support of Jewish Voice.

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