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Outreach Recap: See what wonders God did in Zimbabwe

June 06, 2023

Chitsungo, Zimbabwe, Medical Outreach

  • 6,652 Patients Received Care
  • 897 People Received Dental Care
  • 875 Eyeglasses Distributed
  • 200 Families Received LifeStraw® Water Filters
  • 1 Community LifeStraw® Given
  • 968  Children Attended the Zehra Kids Program
  • 1,907 School Children Experienced Zehra Kids in Their School
  • 2,678 People Heard the Gospel
  • 155 People Received Yeshua
  • 248 People Requested Congregational Follow-up

Miracles in Chitsungo, Zimbabwe

It’s interesting how you can work the same way on the same timeline as you’ve done for years, and then, out of nowhere, something doesn’t work the same way. Suddenly, all progress stops until you can get past one unexpected hurdle.

That’s what happened as we pursued the various approvals to carry out our recent Chitsungo, Zimbabwe, Medical Outreach. For unknown reasons, one critical familiar approval didn’t come through.

Day after day, we prayed while 20 Outreach Partners stood by, ready to travel and serve in Chitsungo. Still, no approval came. A Zimbabwean brother worked feverishly with the government offices, asking, pleading and daily bringing our request to the forefront in every way he could – still nothing.

The day before partners were to fly to Zimbabwe, Global Outreach Director Eric Pires had to make the tough decision to cancel their participation. The straggling permission hadn’t come through yet, and we didn’t think the Outreach would happen.

But, the next day, as our U.S. staff gathered for our regular chapel services and prayer, the permission came. We were elated, and we marveled, knowing that God is in control. We trust His way of doing things, even when it doesn’t look like what we expect or desire. Now, we just had to scramble to set things in motion again for an Outreach scheduled to begin in three days!

Setting up the Outreach Clinic and campsite usually takes a whole week. The Lord helped our local Logistics Manager, Cris, and his team complete everything with record speed, and we only had to delay the Outreach opening by a single day. And then, God poured out His love and care onto thousands of Zimbabweans.

Wonders in Chitsungo

Being in Chitsungo again caused us to take a long-term look at what the Lord has done there since our first Outreach in 2019. Before then, most of the Lemba there had converted to Islam. Afterward, many came back to their Jewish roots and accepted Yeshua as Messiah. Now, there are nine Messianic Jewish congregations in the area, all established in the four short years since our first visit to the Lemba in Chitsungo.

You have made this incredible fruit possible through your support. Thank you!

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