Prayer is an integral part of our faith. Throughout the year, we invite you to pray over specific ministry areas.

Prayer Points: We’re going back to where it started

June 22, 2022

This year, and this next Outreach, mark a significant milestone for Jewish Voice Ministries. We hope you will both celebrate and pray with us. Ten years ago, we held our first Zimbabwe Outreach in the very location we’re heading to next – Mberengwa. Since then, more than 17,900 Zimbabweans have professed Jesus as Messiah during Jewish Voice Medical Outreaches. More than 178,000 have received medical care, and more than 150 congregations have formed. Would you help us raise an “Ebenezer st...

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Prayer Points: What will God do in response to your prayers?

June 08, 2022

Currently, the Lord is opening eyes throughout the body of Messiah about the importance and priority of reaching the Jewish people with the Good News of their Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus). This has always been the heart of our mission and vision at Jewish Voice. On the heels of Shavuot and Pentecost, which were both celebrated this past weekend, we’re stirred to put out a fresh call to prayer for a great harvest of salvations among the Jewish people around the world. Shavuot was originally a h...

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This is an important time to pray

May 25, 2022

As you receive this, our Medical Outreach to Gambela, Ethiopia, is winding down. We want to cover it in prayer as it ends and realize that, in some ways, things are only beginning. Please join us in praying for the important process of follow-up and discipleship. It is exciting to think about these newly planted “Gospel seeds” now having a chance to grow and multiply. Please pray for: The ability to see as many patients as possible on the last day and that the Lord will continue to touch a...

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Prayer Points: Will you Pray?

May 11, 2022

We are taking the Good News to a small city in Ethiopia. It will be our first Outreach there, although there are already 10 Messianic congregations in the region. We have been praying to break ground in new areas, as we did in Chivi, Zimbabwe, a few months ago. This can be challenging work! However, with your prayers and the Holy Spirit’s help we look forward to what the Lord will do as we enter another new area, this time in Ethiopia. We need your prayers covering this Outreach in a region t...

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Recent praises and prayer needs

April 27, 2022

Because of our many travels, we love Psalm 121:8, in which the Lord promises to watch over His people as they come and go. We are asking for your prayers for our comings and goings, including the places we have been and where we’re going now. Scouting Trip Update – in a nutshell Thank you for praying for our recent scouting trip to Africa. Our team has come home reporting success! Here are three big praises we experienced: Good connections with the Bembe people as we met with them an...

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Prayer Points: We are in a time of prayer and fasting

April 13, 2022

We are in a time of prayer and fasting at Jewish Voice and would like to ask you to join us. Twice a year, we come together to focus on the Lord for a week. We worship, pray, intercede and fast – as a means of setting aside distractions so we can know Him better and hear Him clearly. We pray for God’s wisdom, guidance and protection. We thank Him for all He has done in the past and is doing now, and we ask Him for clarity and favor in the things He will do in the future. And we pray for yo...

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Prayer Points: Exploring New Ministry Opportunities

March 23, 2022

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS AND EXPLORING CONNECTIONS It’s here! The scouting trip we’ve been telling you about for the last several months is starting today. We have some prayer requests to share with you and a way for you to sign up to cover the trip dates in prayer. We are taking what we’re hearing from the Lord very seriously and proactively to reach all the remaining scattered Jewish tribes over the next decade or so. In order to take the next steps, three of our JVMI leaders are currently...

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Prayer Points: The Lord is moving in the Nations, and so are we!

March 09, 2022

One large-scale event is ending this week, and a small but very important ministry trip is coming up soon. We appreciate your prayers for each, as we know you have a heart for the salvation of Jewish people in the nations of the Earth. Zimbabwe Medical Outreach Have you been praying for our Zimbabwe Medical Outreach? Thank you! This edition of Prayer Points is being sent out just before the Outreach closes. Here are a few reminders of how you can pray for these last few days of our Medi...

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