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Prayer Points: It’s Passover this week – would you please pray?

April 25, 2024


God designed Passover as a time for His people to remember and reflect on His deliverance of the Jewish people from slavery to Pharaoh in Egypt. It was a miraculous event retold in an annual celebration, full of imagery and liturgy recounting the Lord’s power and faithfulness to hear and respond to His people’s cries.

This year, the message of deliverance and release from captivity is all the more poignant as we reflect on the enemies that surround Israel and the hostages that are still not released.

As we consider God’s power and lovingkindness towards His people during this Passover season, we can look to His Word for inspiration about ways to pray for deliverance for the Jewish people in our day.

Join us in prayer for the Jewish people in Israel and around the world. Please pray for their deliverance from:

  • Evil and the evil one — Matthew 6:13
  • Enemies, both human and supernatural, who plot against God’s people — Psalm 59:1
  • Weapons, as well as words of propaganda and false accusation — Isaiah 54:17
  • Trouble — Psalm 34:17
  • Fear — Psalm 34:4
  • Please pray also for: Deliverance of captives, release of all remaining hostages — Isaiah 61:1
  • May Israel continue to experience the Lord’s deliverance, in light of Iran’s attack, Israel’s response, and the protection and wisdom needed in what yet might come in the days and weeks ahead. — Exodus 2:23-24
  • May all of Israel and the Jewish people around the world know that their Deliverer has come and is coming again! — Romans 11:26

Let’s pray

Lord, You remind Your Chosen People every Passover of Your deliverance. We are praying Your Word and declaring Your truth on their behalf. As Psalm 18:2 says, You are Israel’s rock and fortress and deliverer. You are their refuge, shield, the horn of their salvation and their stronghold. May they call upon You and experience Your deliverance in every area, including being delivered through the salvation freely offered through Yeshua (Jesus), the Lamb of God, Saviour, Messiah. In His name, we pray, Amen.

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