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Prayer Points: What will we discover?

February 15, 2023

Much has changed in the world since 2020, hasn’t it? That year we, as an international ministry, couldn’t travel, and we sought the Lord with fresh fervency for what He might be saying to us.

He gave us an intensified vision for when travel opened up again after COVID lockdowns. He has called us to reach out to all the scattered tribes of Jewish people during the next 10 years that we possibly can, by His grace.

Along with that vision, He led us to adapt how we previously did “scouting trips.” In the past, the Lord led us to consider a possible place that was often somewhere near where we‘d ministered before. We’d seek His timing and then go scout out vendors, hotels, campsites, medical facilities and so on for an Outreach there.

We still need to do this boots-on-the-ground research and make those connections as we prepare for Outreaches. However, now, our “scouting trips” are much more focused on discovering not the logistics for a planned Outreach in a generally familiar area but exploring the potential of reaching new areas, new people groups, and even new nations. So different is this approach that we even sometimes call them “discovery trips” now.

Would you please pray for us about a discovery scouting trip happening soon? Three of our leaders head to Africa from February 20–March 3. While there, they will visit Jewish people groups and places we have not served yet. They will seek their stories, assess the communities’ needs and discern if the Lord is calling Jewish Voice to meet any of those needs – and if so, when, where and how.

Please join us in praying for this exciting trip.

  • Health, safety and smooth travel for our leaders as they go and return and for their families while they are gone
  • The Lord’s clear leading as to where specifically to invest our time on this trip
  • The Lord to speak and provide divine appointments in each area to  help us discern what He says regarding our potential engagement there
  • Insight into the origins of these groups and their Jewish identities
  • A fruitful assessment of the needs in each area and direction from the Lord as to what He is calling us to do to positively affect the communities

Let’s Pray

Lord, whether a scouting trip, discovery trip, or another assignment from You, we always want to be like Joshua and Caleb, seeing with clarity the giants in the land but having an over-riding faith that sees You as greater and confidence in You that is willing to follow where You lead. May You give our leaders wisdom, discernment, favor and clarity as they seek out Your people in the nations to make You known among Your Jewish people and their neighbors. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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