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Prayer Points: Will you pray for this new Outreach location?

September 07, 2022


You have been praying with us for the Lord to open doors to new locations, and He has once again answered! This month we will be ministering in a lush green urban community in Southern Ethiopia. Some of the Beta Israel Jewish people there reached out to the Messianic Jewish congregation in Kechene (an area in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), interested in learning more about what they were teaching and doing. This established a connection and created an opportunity for us to take a full-scale Medical Outreach to this new area.

We are expecting the Lord to do great and mighty things on this Outreach. A key prayer is that He would answer the interest and inquiries of the Jewish people in this area not only with information and medical aid but with spiritual revelation and supernatural healing.

Below are more specific prayer requests so you can know how to intercede day by day, beginning now. Also, please sign up on our 24-7 Prayer Watch schedule to commit to a specific time during the Outreach dates when you can cover us in prayer from home.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for this Southern Ethiopia Medical Outreach, September 15–25. Please pray for:

Wednesday, September 7–Wednesday, September 14 | Ezekiel 38:7

  • All permissions to be in place and all preparations completed
  • The Lord to clear the spiritual atmosphere and establish His warring angels along the travel routes and Clinic and lodging sites, enabling the Good News to impact the region deeply
  • The power and presence of God to permeate every aspect and moment of this Outreach from beginning to completion
  • Ongoing favor and good relationships with local, regional and national leaders and agencies

Thursday, September 15 | Psalm 121:1

  • International partners to be prepared for this Outreach, both practically and spiritually
  • Safety and protection today as they begin their travels and throughout the week in all areas of health and well-being
  • Protection for all families, homes, and everything that pertains to our staff and partners while they are away on the Outreach
  • Negative and timely Covid-19 tests at every necessary checkpoint
  • Deep unity to develop quickly among the team members; may it be sustained throughout the Outreach

Friday, September 16 | Psalm 133:1

  • Everyone’s luggage and JVMI equipment to arrive at the right time and place in perfect condition
  • Good rest and great fellowship upon arriving in Ethiopia, including a meaningful Erev Shabbat dinner together
  • That many locals hear of the Outreach and come, especially since this is a new area

Saturday, September 17 | Psalm 54:4

  • Safe travels during the 8-hour road trip to our lodgings in Southern Ethiopia
  • Knowledge, wisdom and discernment in all aspects of this trip for our Global Outreach leadership team
  • Grace and favor in all the last-minute details and set-up that need to be fully completed by now in preparation for the Clinic opening tomorrow. Pray also for the Zehra Kids Program
  • Another night of good rest and smooth adjustments to the culture, food and time change

Sunday, September 18 | Jeremiah 29:13

  • A successful Clinic opening today, with many people coming and treated on this first day
  • The power and presence of God in the Spiritual Care Ministry tent and upon the congregational leaders and others ministering there so that many people are drawn to faith in Yeshua (Jesus)
  • Comfortable weather throughout the week as well as grace over those who will travel long distances on foot to receive care

Monday, September 19 | John 7:38

  • The morning prayer and devotional times to be a Spirit-filled launch into each day for the team
  • Blessings upon the Living Waters team with favor and open doors throughout the community so they can share the Good News as well as distribute LifeStraw® water filters
  • Each team member to make the most of every opportunity to minister out of the fulness of the fruit and gifts of the Spirit

Tuesday, September 20 | Isaiah 11:6b

  • The Lord to appoint, equip and anoint an excellent Zehra children’s ministry team who will experience unity in love and purpose
  • Great joy and receptivity to the program, not only by the children but their families as well, as they encounter the “Prayer and Friendship with God” curriculum based on the Shema
  • Many little ones to be transformed by love and big truths, coming to know the Lord deeply for themselves

Wednesday, September 21 | Psalm 57:9

  • A wonderful worship service this evening which blesses the Lord, revitalizes the Outreach Partners and continues to push back the schemes of the enemy
  • The healing virtue of Yeshua to continue to be released throughout the week for all who come in need of a touch from Him
  • A good night’s rest to prepare for the last day of the Clinic on Thursday

Thursday, September 22 | Philippians 4:6–7

  • The ability to see and serve as many people as possible during this last half-day of the Clinic
  • The Lord to bring peace, order and even miracles of healing in the Clinic lines
  • Shalom and safety as local workers are paid and the Clinic equipment is packed up
  • Protection as the Outreach team leaves the area and travels several hours to where they will spend Thursday night

Friday, September 23 | Psalm 126:2–3

  • Continued safety during the long road trip to Addis Ababa
  • Celebration, fellowship and great testimonies of God’s faithfulness during Erev Shabbat dinner
  • Confidence and evidence that the Lord has heard the prayers of each one for this Outreach and that He is pleased by their ministry

Saturday, September 24–Sunday, September 25 | Romans 10:1

  • The Jewish members of this community to have not only learned about Jesus but come to know Him personally during this week
  • Anointing for timely and effective follow-up for Ethiopian congregational leaders as they reach out to those interested in hearing more
  • Safe travels home for all national and international Outreach Partners, with full hearts prepared to testify of God’s goodness manifested during this Outreach

Let’s Pray

Lord, the lushness of this region speaks to Your life-giving abundance. Would You also manifest an abundance of supernatural miracles and eternal life through this Outreach in this vibrant region? Our hearts cry out to see salvations and transformed lives among the Jewish people and their neighbors. Thank you for leading us to this new location and for bringing about abundant new life in Yeshua. In His name, we pray, Amen.

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