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Prayer Points: You’re invited

January 03, 2024

Did you know that prayer is one of the most significant ways our partners engage with Jewish Voice Ministries? That’s thanks to you and so many others like you!

We so appreciate you praying through the Prayer Points emails every other week. Now we have a quick, easy way for us all to be reminded to pray for Israel and the Jewish people every single week — via short text messages.

We hope you’ll continue engaging with the Prayer Points emails — because they contain timely and detailed requests that would be too long for a text. We also hope you will sign up for the Pray for Israel text messages. It’s exciting to think that at the same moment you receive your weekly prayer reminder via text, hundreds, even thousands of others, will too, and we will all be praying in unity for Israel using the same short prayer request.

What’s prompted this prayer initiative at this time? Consider this. The Hebrew year 5784 began on September 15, 2023. We had no idea that just a few short weeks later, on October 7, Israel would be on the receiving end of barbaric attacks and plunged into war. Now we are at the threshold of 2024, and just as the Word says, “Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth,” we don’t know what 2024 holds for Israel and the Jewish people worldwide. However, the Lord knows.

Especially now, with Israel at war, we desire to share short, specific ways that you can pray for Israel (the country, the Land and the people) and for our partner ministries who are serving others selflessly amid their own war-time difficulties.

Please pray with us about this new initiative. Please pray for:

  • These text messages to increase the number of partners actively praying for Israel and the Jewish people
  • The Lord’s guidance in wording these short prayer points to hit the mark
  • Everyone to stop when they receive the texts, or shortly thereafter, and PRAY short prayers, and also refer to the texts to pray again later and throughout the week
  • The ability to recognize the Lord’s answers to prayer and praise Him
  • Expanded awareness that we are part of a large and growing community of Jewish Voice Ministries staff and partners who are uniting in prayer for Israel and the Jewish people globally

Let's pray!

Lord, we are grateful for prayer, our means of continual contact with You. Join our hearts together in prayer for Israel and the Jewish people during these crucial times. Use these simple text messages to call us to shoot up quick “arrow prayers” and even remind and inspire us to spend deeper, detailed times of intercession with You, hearing even more clearly what Your heart wants us to pray. We love You, we love Your people, and we long to see Your plans for them fulfilled in answer to our prayers. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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