Each year, Jewish Voice sends teams around the world to spread the Gospel and meet the needs of God's chosen people and their neighbors.

Good News - Quarter 2, 2022

April 20, 2022

JVMI Outreach in Africa: Transformed from the inside out . . . Liya* thanks God – AND YOU – for the extraordinary work in her heart! Liya heard that Jewish Voice was hosting an Outreach in her area of Ethiopia. And after receiving medical attention, Liya asked for prayer and counseling. She was looking for something – ANYTHING – that would loosen the squeeze she felt around life. Her husband had left her. Her children were depending on her. Liya was barely making it – performing backbreaki...

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Prayer Points: Will You Pray For Us?

February 21, 2022

Will you pray for us as we head to Zimbabwe for our first Outreach of 2022? Although we have ministered to the Lemba in this region before, this will be our first time in this particular community, and we are excited! We chose this location because of the many Messianic Jewish congregations in the area, and we look forward to partnering with these Lemba congregational leaders in reaching out to this community. We know the region and have good partnerships there, yet we know that nothing of last...

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Good News - Quarter 1, 2022

January 18, 2022

God has done an extraordinary work. And you’re a part of it. Thank you for blessing the Jewish people — in Israel and across the globe. Your generosity as a faithful partner in this Kingdom work we share brings true hope to so many people in desperate need. And God has used you — to be a key part of extraordinary ministry around the world! But our work is not complete. Until every Jewish person and their neighbor has a chance to hear the Good News of Yeshua, to experience the power of t...

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Outreach Recap - December 2021

January 10, 2022

Buried paperwork, delayed permits and COVID regulations threatened this Medical Outreach to Garamwera, Zimbabwe. But when the Lord opens a door, who can shut it? God paved the way, and because of your gifts to Jewish Voice, we were ready to respond quickly when everything came together at the last minute for this final Outreach of this year. It was our first full-scale Medical Outreach in Zimbabwe since before the pandemic, and it was also an important follow-up to our food distribution visit...

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Wonders in Wolkite!

December 10, 2021

We’re back from Wolkite (pronounced Wuhl-KEE-tay), Ethiopia, and are excited to tell you about the trip. You were a big part of all that took place there because your generosity and prayers made this Medical Outreach possible. About four out of five patients we treated in Wolkite suffered from ear or hearing issues. The Lord expressed His love for the people by meeting this prevalent need, both in the Medical Clinic and Spiritual Care Ministry. One mother brought her 12-year-old son, who c...

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God continues to open the doors

December 06, 2021

As we move closer toward the end of the year, I’m writing to ask for your generous support… I shared recently how God continues to open the doors for our Outreaches in Africa. And in these final weeks of the year, we've set a goal of raising $209,000 by year's end to meet the urgent needs of hurting and suffering Jewish people. The impact for the Kingdom in these areas among the Jewish people — and their neighbors — in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe is nothing short of miraculous. People are ...

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Without Chanukah, there would be no Christmas story . . .

November 22, 2021

I believe the miracle of the Chanukah season has never been more important . . . It’s the miracle of a single night’s supply of oil that burned for eight days so the temple in Jerusalem could be rededicated more than 2,000 years ago. God had preserved His people from complete destruction as the Greco-Syrian Emperor, Antiochus IV, choked the Jewish people with an iron grip. In his zeal for total control, Antiochus sought to obliterate the religious liberty of God’s people — prohibiting the...

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